A Whole New World…

Welcome!! I’m super keen and excited to begin this journey and think it’s only fair that I introduce myself:

I’m Sienna and I’m 19 years old. I’m taking a break from studying at the moment because, not be a cliché bitch but, I want to find myself and my purpose. There is so much to do and see in the world nowadays so consider this a place of exploration, reflection and inspiration for myself and potentially others.

I have a few key loves of my life that I always make my way back to – the first being music. I have been musical my entire life, beginning with singing from a young age where I constantly annoyed my family. I dabbled in piano for at least 4 years of my life and eventually moved on to learn the trumpet for another 4 years after stopping piano. I continued to sing throughout the years, only starting lessons in 2019 that I still have to this day. I’ve most recently begun learning the guitar and ukulele – both of which have become my children that I will protect with my life. Music will be a large part of this blog as I share my favourite tunes and playlists, as well as how I create my own music.

Reading has slowly become increasingly important to me as I grow older. As a child, I hated reading because I was always being told that I had to, and who likes to do what they’re told am I right? In these past few years I’ve found reading to become a safe haven where my imagination can run wild. This will be another major part of this blog, I hope to create book reviews and book wish lists about stories that have not only broadened my knowledge but also satisfied my need for completely fantastical and sometimes sappy novels.

These are only a few of the things that make my little heart pump a little stronger, so stay tuned for all the other randomness that I plan to share…


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