Plant Party

Plants – who doesn’t love them, they give us oxygen and look pretty in your room. Today, I’m very excited to be introducing my plants to you guys as well as talking about how cool they are and why you should have lots of them for yourself.

Meet Reign, my precious Silver Sword Philodendron, who was in fact my first ever plant! As you can see she is a very tall gal (like me – fun fact I’m 6′ :0), when I first got her she was standing just at the stake. They typically grow in an upwards direction, however, some can also grow outwards. As you can see in the picture, there’s a new leaf coming through which I’m super excited about! In her current conditions – where she is under my window, and getting watered 2-3 times a week – she has almost doubled in size in less than a year, I will likely have to get her a new stake to keep her upright! A downside to the Philodendron plant is that they are toxic to animals, so ensure your pets don’t go around snacking on them. Overall they are really pretty, easy to take care of and a great addition to any room!

Next up we have Tiger (because he is stripy), who is another species of Philodendron called Birkin. He is one of my more recent purchases and I love him lots. A fun fact about this type of plant: the Birkin is actually a mutation of the Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ where it was then separated and cultivated into this species! Similarly with the Silver Sword, he lives under my window and is watered 2-3 times a week. It’s also important to keep the leaves cleaned so the plant can photosynthesize! Hiding behind one of the other leaves is a new guy growing which is very exciting. So far Tiger has grown two new leaves and he will continue to grow more!

This here is Potricia (the inspo came from my stylish pot of course), she is a lovely Peace Lily! These plants are one of the easiest to care of and are perfectly happy to live in an office or bedroom with minimal light. Potricia and other Peace Lilies are particularly good at cleaning the air, as well as looking pretty with their green and white leaves – the white leaves are typically thought to be flowers, however, they are actually a specialised leaf that protects the flower as it grows in a hooded shape around the bud. Potricia lives next to my bed as she doesn’t need very much sunlight, I also water her about once a week. If you want your Peace Lily to grow more flowers and white leaves, you can give them more sunlight. Potricia is a pleasure to parent, I do recommend getting a Peace Lily like her!!

Finally, meet Azalea – this is her name because painted on the pot is my cat, Iggy, hence Iggy + Azalea = Iggy Azalea (yes, I know, I’m hilarious). She is a special little plant because she was propagated by one of my best friends as a gift for my birthday! She’s a Devil’s Ivy (Pothos to be precise) – also known as the plant that can’t be killed. In all it’s viney glory, the Devil’s Ivy can grow either on a stake or trail along a desk, bookshelf or even along your walls. At the moment, Azalea hasn’t grown as she is still becoming accustomed to her pot after being propagated – but don’t fear! I will be sure to update you all when she starts to grow up (I will be crying happy tears). Typically, I water her roughly 1-2 times a week – I know to water her when to top of the soil is completely dry, however, underwatering isn’t much of an issue for this plant. The Devil’s Ivy is also unfortunately poisonous to animals (in particular cats and dogs) so try and keep it out of their range!

I hope you all enjoyed my little walkthrough of my plants, I sure did. For beginners, or people who want easy indoor plants to take care of, I would definitely recommend any of the species above. They aren’t fussy, look pretty and cleanse the air in your room! Be sure to research a little bit into your plants though, as some of them are toxic to animals and others may require more care and consideration.

Enjoy spending all your money on pretty plants (all plant loving people do, it’s ok)!! See you all again soon 🙂


One thought on “Plant Party

  1. Love seeing your plants – makes me want to go buy some more! And didn’t know that tri k about making more white leaves on the peace lily so I’ll have to try it out! Xx


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